Selecting the right type of tire for your application is extremely important. Your choice of tire can ultimately affect the performance, fuel efficiency, and safety of your equipment. There are three types of forklift tires: cushion, pneumatic(Air), and pneumatic(Solid)

Cushion tires-These tires are designed to give maximum grip on smooth surfaces like warehouses and cross-docks.

Pneumatic(air) tires- These tires are designed for uneven surfaces. They also have a deeper tread, which allows the tires to be an excellent option in rough terrain such as construction sites.

Pneumatic(solid) tires- These tires are designed to be resilient to punctures. Which makes these tires an excellent option for areas with lots of debris such as scrapyards.

Our Main Objective

The safety of your operator and employees is of the utmost importance, that is why it is crucial to monitor the wear of your forklift tires. If the tires have worn down to the wear bar or lettering then it’s time for them to be changed. We can help advise you on the best tire to use based on your tire size, application, and budget.


These examples are just some of the more popular tires from Camso. They have a far broader line up to meet any application. In addition, they have a wide spectrum of Load Wheels, Caster Wheels and Drive tires for Reach Trucks, Order Pickers and Pallet Jacks.

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